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Tax deductible donations can be made online

Our organization is grateful to the generosity of our donors who support our programs.  Donations are tax-deductable to the full extent of the law. Please consult your financial advisor.




Our Goal:

We set up TeamWork+, a trust account that, when it achieves its goals, will have a baseline amount that earns interest every year.  The Interest will go to pay salaries/reimbursements/stipends/ice cream to our invaluable coaches and of course to our kids programs. The goal is $250,000.00 (never to be spent) earning at least 4% interest. In 10 years (with current giving) we will be at that goal. This is a long term plan to fuel our efforts so that kids can continue to be ministered to for decades to come.

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Tax deductible donations can be made online


Has your life changed because of GoodSports? Looking to contribute to the program that gave you new opprotunities to grow individually and in Christ?

Consider joining Teamwork+ and support the many children and adults, like you, who will benefit from GoodSports' programs.

Teamwork+Trust allocation

Your donations will go to a principle that will never be used other than to earn income for the future.  Grants from the dividends earned will be made available to our programs not covered by our donors who are focusing on our annual operating budget. This includes salaries, construction, and special needs. 

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