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Goodsports International

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Creating brighter futures in the younger generation


2023 Summer Camps are coming up, Checkout Last Summer's Highlights!

Want to see more highlights and learn how you can get help this summer?

Continuing Support 

for Ukraine

Our Core Values

To Have Fun

God created enjoyment, fun, and life abundant.  Whatever we do we want it to be enjoyable and passionate for the kids who come to GoodSports.

To Learn

We all have a lot to learn. Baseball, soccer, and other sports are filled with fun rules, but more than sports rules - it is about learning languages, being good in school, and learning about ourselves. 

To Respect

Respect for ourselves and others. Respect for teachers, parents, coaches, and even the environment.  Everyone is valuable. 

To Learn God's Love

We want to give an opportunity for kids, adults, and volunteers to discover the God who loves them. It is the central focus of all we do.

Part of the way people discover how they are loved by God is how they are loved by us. Experiencing God's love and being able to share that love with others is central to our program.

Tom Johnson

About us

GoodSports International Inc. began in 1994 in Slovakia and expanded to Hungary in 1997.  Since 2015 we are discovering new opportunities to work with other nonprofits, like World Relief, who are serving refugee children in Texas. GoodSports is exploring how we can join with other US children's sports outreaches in the USA. 


We are dedicated to reaching children with the love of Christ through sports, recreational, and educational activities. 

 Our Vision

Teamwork PLUs

What about the next 25 years? Will churches and individuals remember the work being done in Hungary and Slovakia?  Teamwork Plus was created for those who are in a new financial space to provide funding as a Legacy Giver. 


Your donations will go to a principle that will never be used other than to earn income for the future.  Grants from the dividends earned will be made available to our programs not covered by our donors who are focusing on our annual operating budget. This includes salaries, construction, and special needs. 


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Hungary still remains our most active region! 

Inspiring Stories

Hear the Inspiring story of one of our athletes out in Texas who battled adversity. He emerged not only closer to God, but received a college scholarship to play soccer for Paul Quinn college in Dallas. 

With your giving, we are able to help these kids focus on sports, teamwork, and building a relationship with God! That is our heart here at GoodSports

With your generosity, we are able to provide them with that experience that will last a lifetime.

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We need your prayers!
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Psalms 145:18

GoodSports operates with the help of many amazing volunteers. We need your help throughout the year as we share God's love with these precious children.


What does your giving go to?

Luke 6:38

Our organization depends on the generosity of donors for the existence of our programs. Donations are generally tax-deductible. Ninety-three percent of all financial donations goes directly into our programs.

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What does it mean
to Go?

Mark 16:15

GoodSports operates with the help of many amazing volunteers. We need your help throughout the year as we share God's love with these precious children. Come for a week or stay for a year.

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