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The situation in Ukraine is creating urgent needs across Eastern Europe. Your donations are helping our teams are on the fronlines working with refugees.

Current Needs:

GoodSports Hungary and GoodSports Slovakia teams are working, in partnership with local churches and non-profits, to aid Ukrainian refugees.


If you would like to help this effort financially please use the provided links and in the Note box write, "Ukraine". 

Thank you for your continued prayers over this situation.




These photos are from our friends at Free Christian Church (Szabadkeresztény Gyülekezet).

They have church sites within Ukraine and Hungary.

They are currently on the frontlines of our aid efforts helping Ukrainian refugees in Hungary.

Updates From Our Team

The Churches Mission for Ukrainian Refugees
Article for Providence Magazine, written by Trudy and Russell Chun

     We thought we were living in a better world, where international agencies promised diplomatic solutions to the globe’s greatest conflicts. Foreign Policy, assured us in 2011 that “World peace is closer than you think.” The analysis pointed out, “The last decade has seen fewer war deaths than any decade in the past 100 years.” In 2017, Modern Diplomacy, went so far as to publish an analysis that argued “war is obsolete.”  A study published in Science Daily in 2020 empirically proved that the world had become less violent in the past three decades. “The change for the better our analysis detected over the past 30 years may be due to peace keeping work by global organisations like the UN and increased collaboration and cooperation between nations.”

Then on February 24, 2022, everything changed.

A 11-Year-Old Boy From Zaporizhia.

     An 11-year-old boy from Zaporizhia came to Slovakia across the border from Ukraine.  With one plastic bag, a passport and a telephone number written on his hand, he came alone, as his parents had to stay in Ukraine.

       Volunteers took care of him, brought him warm and provided him with food and drink, which they packed for the next trip. He won them all with his smile, fearlessness and determination, worthy of a real hero.

     Thanks to the numbers on his hand and a piece of paper in his waist, he managed to connect with loved ones who did not come for him and the whole story ended well

Other Orgaizations Working in Ukraine

Legacy Refuge

"Legacy Refuge is on a mission to see every orphan in Ukraine saved, loved, adopted, and empowered to live a healthy productive life and reach their God-given potential."

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