The Greathouse Transition Center is a project we have prayed over for many years. God has opened the doors for us to begin building the home where students will live while going through this 2-year training program.
The land for the home has been donated to us, and the blueprints are being finalized.
The house will be built near Debrecen, Hungary at Dorcas Camping Center. Each floor of the house will house 6 students and a
live-in counselor. The goal is that when the students have completed their 2-year program they will be equipped with the knowledge and
skills necessary to live independently.
Elements of the program include:
1. Life skills (cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.)
2. Christian discipleship (Bible study, accountability, church)
3. Work Skills (employing the students at the campground)
4. Continuing Education (vocational training, language acquisition, etc.)
Most of these elements are taught by parents as a child grows.
The children who have grown up in the orphanage system did not learn these skills. Without this knowledge and training the majority of children raised in this environment end up living on the street.
We are working now to raise the $250,000 needed to build this house. Will you partner with us to give these young adults a chance at a successful, independent future? Tax deductible donations can be made here.
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