Goodsports Texas

Our clubhouse host kids to participate in soccer games, while bringing them closer to God


Texas Updates

New soccer fields are being built! we are excited to share with you guys the new soccer field is being built 

in North Texas!

Coming this fall!


My Story

Enock was a refugee fleeing from conflict in Uganda. When he got to America, he spoke no English, and didn't know the customs.
A lot of these kids face this dilemma. everything we pay for with Good sports. helps kids not worry about cost, but learn about discipline, teamwork, and developing their soccer skills.
Enoch Graduated high school and got a scholarship to the Paul Quinn college in Dallas! Enoch wants to motivate the younger generation, and be an example to them. coach Johnathan helped Enoch when he first came to
GoodSports to give him the confidence to play the game of soccer. 

With the sport of soccer, we are able to speak the gospel to these younger kids who need to hear it! for they are the future generation


With your giving, we are able to help these kids focus on Sports, Teamwork, and building a relationship with God! That is our heart here at GoodSports. 

With your generosity, we are able to provide them with that experience that will last a lifetime.

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